'06 Series

706 Factory LP Gas


This is the same tractor as shown on the right; only with some new paint. Will get some detailing as I get time. t 

1206 Farmall


This tractor is in storage and I need to get it out and have it painted this winter  


Farmall 806 Diesel


I don't really need two 806 diesel tractors, but hey, it's a free country; right? Anyway, this is a late model one and I have been using it to haul manure.
Bottom end of engine re-built in 2010

Farmall 806 Gas


Good runner. Will have it repainted when it's turn comes-up. Looks good in the picture, but a close look shows a "rattle can" job 

Farmall 706D (German Engine)


Has the desirable 310 engine put in this model during (approximately) the last third of production.This tractor starts really easy in cold weather.  

International 1206


Found this tractor close to home. Good solid tractor that we have used in the field.
Less than 6000 hours showing

606 Utility DieseL


The 606 diesel is even more difficult to find than the gas version

706 Factory LP Gas


These are not your everyday 706 tractor. Some probably do not like the looks of the LP, but I think they are neat 

806 Diesel


I use this tractor around the farm. They will still do a lot of work. One of the best models IH made 

Farmall 806 LP Gas


I have used this one a good bit to haul gravel. It was more economical to use when gasoline was $4/gal and LP gas was under $2. I will continue to upgrade this one because I feel it's worth preserving 



This is a rare one. Decent runner; just waiting it's turn to be refurbished  

Farmall 706D (German Engine)


It's hard not to buy another if the price is right. Told my wife that this one is trading stock   

606 Utility DiesEL


 The 606 diesel is even more difficult to find than the gas version

Farmall 806D


OK, as I said before, I don't need anther 806D but it was priced right, is a good tight tractor, and it had an "owned by old man" story to go with it. Plus, I didn't have one with a narrow front!! .

'56 Series

1970 Farmall 856 Diesel


I bought this tractor in 1980 and it has about 4300 actual hours. It will be next to last tractor to leave the farm
(my Dad's 300 will be the last)  

656 Diesel Hydro


These are great baler, green chop tractors, etc... where infinite speeds are needed and the operator doesn't want to stop and shift gears. They are not design for heavy tillage 

656 Hydro Gas


The 656 was the first tractor with a hydro transmission 

756 Diesel


Has spent all of it's working life in Ross Co.
10K hours on tach and never overhauled 



This 1456 doesn't look real pretty, but it operates good and it has pulled a pan to move gravel for around the farm. This model is a little difficult to find that are not worn out or restored high dollar ones. 

'66 Series

International 966 Hydro


Nice refurbished tractor that I can show or use 

1973 1066 Hydro - Cab (Heat & AC)


This tractor spent most of it's early working life planting veggies in NW Ohio. It will become a baler tractor here in southern Ohio, because of the hydro transmission and the AC 

International Blackstripe Hydro 100


This tractor was previously known as the 1066 Hydro. This is a refurbished tractor that runs like a dream 

International 1066


This a nice, good running tractor. Used it extensively, bush-hogging this past summer. 

1066 Hydro - Factory Front Assist


Here is a rare one. In the future, I will put the story on how this tractor was given to me, on the Babe page 

1976 IH 1568


This is the tractor many collectors are looking for. The V-8 powered 1568 of which there were less than 900 manufactured. I was pleased to find this one and want to thank Joel Albright (my son-in-law) for putting me on the trail. Traded a decent 856 and cash for it