Hi Crops

1955 100 Farmall Hi-Clear


A decent tractor I bought out of Louisiana. Engine and drive train solid. Just needs refurbished

Super HV  #5191- 51 Built


Have looked for some time for this tractor and had this spot open on the site for her. The tractor has now been refurbished. 

1953 Super MV LP Gas #1xxx8 CJ - Built ??


248 Super MV's were built. What percentage were LP gas tractors? Probably the most rare of the SMV's Found the tractor in Kansas of all places 

1953 Super MV All Fuel # 13563 AJ


A refurbished tractor with nice paint. Just needs a couple of details changed to be factory original 

1952 Super AV


Thanks to Dave Stites of Springfield, Ohio for selling me this nice tractor. Freshened-up the paint and decaled it August 2006. I have a '48 model that needs refurbished, now for sale. (see the for sale tab

1964 706D Hi-Clear el


A nice running ole' girl that just needs a few details and paint to be ready to show at the fair  

Super MV - Diesel 30502 - Built 89 l


I have been looking for one of these for a long time. This just about completes the set. Runs like a top. One of 89 built. Completely reconditioned 

Super M-TA Hi-Clear


See the complete story about this tractor elsewhere on the website. First one built of only 64 

966D Hi-Clear


Talk about getting a nose bleed!! This tractor starts easy and runs good. Probably never saw the inside of a shed until it got here  

1956 350 Hi Clear #564P pp501 HC - Built 15


This tractor spent it's working life running a road paver. Note the road grader type tires, Has all the correct 350 Hi Crop numbers. Was yellow, probably will put it back yellow  

1066 Hi-Clear


This is a good running tractor. Good shape for a Louisiana tractor. Just needs a refurbishing. Will go nice with the 966 HC 

1974 Hydro 70 Diesel Hi Clear


This has to be a rare tractor. Needs some work, but it runs and moves


1964 806D Hi Clear #5612 Y


This tractor has been refurbished and looks real sharp with new paint. It is a factory TA delete. 

1961 560 Diesel Hi Clear #39011 HC - 166 BuilT


Good running tractor, with good tires. Needs some sheet metal work and TA repair to be really nice. Anyone have a hitch for one of these? Since I refurbished the one below,  I may sell this one  

1960 560 D HC


Reconditioned in 2012. This tractor sat here for several years waiting it’s turn to be refurbished. Well, that time came and now it is one of my favorites. Need one more 560 Diesel Hi-Clear emblem to make it correct. Has features like a nice front-end, and a hi clear fast hitch 

1958 350 Hi-Utility #17191 S HU


This Tractor has power steering, FH, and has solid mechanics. 

1957 J&L Machine 350U Hi-Crop #549/AS/J&L501 - 18 Built


J&L Machine in Louisiana reportedly built these tractors for the cane fields. One of two restored ones known 

1957 350 Hi-Clear #HCxxx58pp501- 151 Built


I was pleased to get this tractor. Has a rebuilt engine and real decent sheet metal. One of 151 manufactured. Factory TA delete