Super H

1953 Super M # 18654 J


A great match with the Super MD, far right. Has factory WF, PS, fenders, live hydraulics. Note the unusual rear weights. Super straight 

1953 Louisville Super M # L508132


A "Keeper" because of the features. M&W hand clutch, Charlynn power steering, factory electric hour meter, live hydraulics, etc...


1954 Super M LP Gas #52415 NJ


This is a factory LP gas tractor and a 1954 model makes it even better. Has to be very low production. Nice sheet metal and Charlyn power steering. This likely will be a keeper

1953 Super M Cotton Special #L504641 AJ


Some people claim these are not true hi-clears. It looks pretty high to me!! Anyway, I put it in the Super M portion of the shed, to prevent an argument. Nice combination; Louisville made and All Fuel 

1953 Super H All Fuel


 A rare version of a stage I Super H that has the factory all fuel option 

1953 Stage II Super H #20118


A nice Stage II tractor with very good tires, nice paint and power steering 

1953 Super H #14709 J


"Broccoli Special"
Well, that's what I'm calling it anyway. Straight from the vegetable fields of California (probably a few years ago) An example of  if the company can't supply the features, someone will build what is needed 

1939 Farmall H


A nice original '39 with an old restoration. Matching numbers, everything is right about it. Probably will sell the other one; just as original, just not as pretty 

Super C

Super C Spray Rig #107198


The air is rather thin when sitting on this thing.I think it will even work after a little attention.The tanks are stainless steel so rust is not a problem. Will let you know what happens.. 

1954 Super C


Picked-up this nice Super C and sold the other one that I had. 1954 was the last year for the Super C. A very similar tractor was produced later called the Farmall 200 

Super C All Fuel


I didn't know that they actually made these. Have never seen another. Real decent tractor, that runs good. Needs paint, the fuel tank cleaned and the rubber matched up