Super M

1953 Super M # 18654 J


A great match with the Super MD, far right. Has factory WF, PS, fenders, live hydraulics. Note the unusual rear weights. Super straight 

1953 Louisville Super M # L508132


A "Keeper" because of the features. M&W hand clutch, Charlynn power steering, factory electric hour meter, live hydraulics, etc...


1954 Super M LP Gas #52415 NJ


This is a factory LP gas tractor and a 1954 model makes it even better. Has to be very low production. Nice sheet metal and Charlyn power steering. This likely will be a keeper

1953 Super M Cotton Special #L504641 AJ


Some people claim these are not true hi-clears. It looks pretty high to me!! Anyway, I put it in the Super M portion of the shed, to prevent an argument. Nice combination; Louisville made and All Fuel 

1953 Super M - LP Gas # 27845 CJ


This is the picture from which I bought the tractor. It is impossible to go see them all  

1939 Farmall M #6119


This is the "Grand Ole' Dame". The first year for the "M" model. This one is a nice original that has escaped the parts pile and the tractor pullers v

1953 Super MD # 47227J


A "keeper". Engine recently rebuilt and has power steering. A correct wide front has replaced the junker. 

1954 Super M All Fuel #52021 AJ


Talk about a desireable tractor. A true '54, has the all fuel options, power steering, IH wide front, live hydraulics, like new tires, jar air cleaner.  

1953 Super W6 LP Gas 8720 CJ


Look what I found!! Another factory original. The big decision will be as to which one to keep!! 

19 '52 Super W6 All Fuel #2074 AJ


Has the rare All Fuel attachment. Also has live hydraulics, hour meter, remote hydraulic outlet and jar air clearer 

Super MT-A

Super M-TA All Fuel #67633 AS


A rare tractor. Has the all fuel option, recent paint and runs good. Need a replacement all fuel manifold.  

Super M-TA LP Gas #65422 DS


This is a conversion that could easily be converted back. Perhaps it should be left as it is; this is a part of history. Good sound engine, factory wide front with "Z" code hubs, an almost perfect grill, and a TA that works.



This is the paint scheme that it had at purchase, so I had it repainted that way. I think it looks sharp!! 

Super MD-TA # 76609 SD


Presently my "keeper" . That could change.
Has new tires and fenders 

Super M-TA


Presently the show tractor. I have added fenders. Has new tires and power steering. Rebuilt from end to end  

Farmall Super M-TA LP Gas Conversion


 IH authorized 500 SM-TA's to be retrofitted with lp gas by an outside contractor. This is one of those tractors