350 Series

1958 350 Diesel # 15621 S - Produced 4191


Good runner with power steering and good matching tires. I use this one to rake hay, etc. Noisy brute!!!! 

1957 Farmall 350 Gas


A nice original. Has fasthitch, power steering, spin-out wheels, new tires, nice sheet metal. A keeper!! 

1958 350 Hi-Utility-LP # 17244 C-CR HU


A rare tractor; the only one of two I have seen or heard about. There are probably others out there so let me know about them. Tractor is complete and straight. Engine stuck. Runs great & looks pretty. 

1957 350 LP Gas #10270 C CS


Has power steering, middle busters,matching tires, runs good. Not many manufactured. Out of Texas 

1957 350 Wheatland Special #6521


Another 350 version. Also shown under the standard treads. I have another.  

1956 350 LP #1228 L


A rare issue tractor that needs some work. Non-running presently, but has spin-outs and power steering. 

1956 Farmall 350 Hi Crop Serial #564P pp501 HC


Talk about something different!! This tractor was used to power a road paver. Note the small front tires and the road grader type tires. Originally was yellow 

1958 350 Diesel Utility #16031 S - Produced 3033


Good running tractor with the Continental diesel engine. Has power steering, fuel gauge and three point converter. The loader is a Swartz and is for sale 

1957 350 Diesel Wheatland Special #5208 S


 A low production tractor, with the Continental diesel engine. A desirable collector tractor

1957 350U Orchard Gas


Well, there are probably others around, but I wouldn't know where to look. Complete but rough 

1957 350 Utility


Tractor is a good runner, has power steering, spin-outs and straight sheet metal  

450 Series

1957 450 LP Gas 19596 CC


This is a different tractor, Is a factory delete TA and a transmission driven PTO. Has power steering, live hydraulics & fasthitch. Someone has put steel pressed rims and 16.9 x 34 tires. Runs good and has the LP head 

1957 450 All Fuel #9917 A S


Rare !!!! Bought this tractor at the King Sale 9-13-03. I have never seen another one with the All Fuel option. If you have one of these, would like to hear from you   

1958 450 Gas #23828 S


 A nice running tractor with power steering and good, but not perfect sheet metal. TA works today. Will add a wide front and fasthitch and keep it because of the year. 

1958 International W450 LP Gas # L1741 C CS


Less than 2000 W450's were built, including gasoline, diesel, and LP. This has to be rare. Restoration done.  

650 Series

1957 International 650 Gas


I was really pleased to trade for this tractor.
A nice, rare & good running original tractor. 

1957 650 LP #3161


I have had this tractor for several years. Got it out the other day and have been using it. A really nice original. A keeper 



This 650D starts easy and switches over to diesel nicely. May sell the other one 

1957 International 650D #839


Has potential...