460 Series

460 Diesel


Tractor is a good runner. Low hours. Starts easy, which is unusual for a 460 diesel. The previous owner evidently did not own a shed as it is well weathered. 

460 Gas Utility


Four brand new tires, power steering and decent sheet metal. Will use around the farm. Below is the same tractor; new pain ! 

1959 460 Hi-Utility Gas #3211 Number Built - 190


I found this at a local consignment auction in the parts row. Due to the rarity, I couldn't pass it up. There were 77 diesels and an estimated 13 LPG gas versions built. Below it is shown restored 

460 Diesel (After)


The tractor doesn't have a great paint job, but it is good enough for a "user" tractor. Believed to have less than 1500 hour 

460 Gas Utility (After)


1959 460 Hi-Utility Gas After


Thanks to Jim Weber from Iowa for researching the production numbers. 

1962 460 Gas #28171 S-Y-CC


Nice straight tractor, front and rear weights, good TA, near new tires, fasthitch, the tach even works. 

1958 460 Hi-Utility LP #2403 CSY


Ever seen another one? Estimated 13 built. *
*This excludes 1960 production as the records cannot be found 



A low production tractor, with the Continental diesel engine. A desirable collector tractor

560 Series

1962 560D # 49789 S -Y-CC


Numbers Produced: 30,408
This is one that I use on a regular basis. Was rebuilt from end to end several years ago. Shown with the factory WF, new tires, and new paint

1962 560D Turbo #59279


Good running tractor with the turbo charger, good TA, usable tires, wide front. Just needs cosmetics. Nice addition to the collection. Below is the repainted tractor 

1958 560 LP Gas #806


 An early 560 that runs good and has a good TA. I have been hauling green chop with it. Note the unusual spin-out wheels 

1962 560D After


1962 560D Turbo After


1960 560 LP Gas #10862 CSY


Numbers Produced: 5193
Tractor has a factory wide front, power steering, fasthitch . Put this Farmhand loader on it and it now earns it's keep loading and stacking hay.
Had a complete engine major 8-04 

660 Series

1961 660D #4989


Was pleased to get this nice straight tractor. Runs good, has a pto, belt pulley, good rims, front/rear weights, one finger ps and dual rear hydraulics. Junk cab will come off. Need a pair of 18.4 x 34 rears  

1960 660 LP Gas


Number Built - 316
A hard to find tractor. Missed a chance to buy her a couple of other times, but we hooked up permanently the last time!
Runs good, nice sheet metal.